Our Objectives

The primary objective of Perseverance House is to offer individuals the opportunity of living in a safe and secure home environment to help them feel that they belong and are valued, whilst supporting them to live as independently as possible.

We aim to:

  • Provide accommodation and sensitive housing related support for vulnerable adults who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness.
  • Reduce hospital admissions, maximise confidence to carry out daily living skills.
  • Encourage, empower and support people to take a structured role in maintaining their own health and move forward with their lives.
  • Enable service users to develop community networks and participate in chosen opportunities.
  • Give every service user the choice of where they spend their time throughout each day.
  • Help service user's access other activities within the community.
  • Provide a personal approach to planning and delivery of our service is built around each individual service user.
  • Combat the "revolving door" of homelessness.
"Treating each individual with care and respect, supporting everyone to reach their full potential"